aboutBL International Trading Company Pty. Ltd. was established in 1998 with the purpose of creating a continuous and long lasting import/ export trade between Australia and China.

In December 2014 the Australian company Sigma appointed BL International Company Pty. Ltd. as their exclusive distributor of their Amcal (安姆可) Gold Infant Formula within China.

Prior to 1998 BL International successfully exported substantial shipments of high quality, vacuum packed milk products to China. These were produced by Australia’s large exporters of dairy products.

BL International also exported various healthcare products, such as Australian made lanolin, fish oil etc. to China.Amcal_Stud_Park_1

Thereafter, BL International aligned itself with one of Australia’s largest pharmaceutical companies, namely with SIGMA Company who owns the Amcal brand. This cooperation resulted in the introduction of AMCAL (安姆可) Gold brand of infant formula into the Chinese market.

about宝丽国际贸易有限公司于1998年在澳大利亚墨尔本成立,宗旨为建立在澳洲与中国之间的进出口贸易。2014年12月BL公司由澳大利亚Sigma药业集团授权, 独家代理Amcal (安姆可)婴幼儿金装配方奶粉在中国的销售。

多年来BL公司致力于输出澳洲优质乳制品到中国。早于1998年曾与澳洲乳制品公司合作, 为上海的超市定牌生产真空包装牛奶,Amcal_Stud_Park_1 开创了由国外公司为中国市场专门定牌生产的先例。

BL公司还从澳大利亚出口各种保健品到中国. 本次与澳洲最大的药业集团之一Sigma合作,经过多年努力, 将Amcal安姆可金装婴幼儿配方奶粉引进中国市场。

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Partnership 合作方介绍:

Sigma Pharmaceutical group:

The SIGMA Pharmaceutical Company is today a world famous group, created when two Melbourne chemists joined forces in 1912 and started producing medicines and other chemical products for the Australian public. In 1999 Sigma Company was listed on the Australian Share market under the Stock Code: SIP. It has become one of Australia's largest and trusted healthcare companies distributing a huge variety of pharmaceutical products, nutritional health care supplements, medicines and the most important AMCAL (安姆可) Gold Infant Formula. SIGMA products are today sold in most pharmacies and are being recommended by doctors, pediatricians and even by midwifes.



1999年, Sigma公司在澳洲证券交易所挂牌上市,股票代码为SIP。公司经过100多年的发展, 已成为澳洲最大的医药生物集团之一。Sigma药业集团拥有澳大利亚最著名的医药零售商品牌之一Amcal。它的Amcal婴幼儿配方奶粉以纯天然和安全而著称,在澳洲家喻户晓。 除药品外,其生产的各种婴幼儿用品,营养品,保健品都受到广大澳洲儿科医生和助产士的推荐。

Shanghai Auwin Industrial Co. LTD

Shanghai Auwin Industrial Co. LTD was established with the purpose of marketing a series of Sigma Amcal products. The company has been appointed by BL International and will be responsible for using the Amcal trademark within China. Auwin will also assist the original distributor, namely Beijing Guanghua5 Trading Co., LTD in the necessary marketing and sales strategy.


上海澳智祺垠实业有限公司是澳洲BL 公司专为销售Sigma公司Amcal安姆可系列产品而设立的公司。 公司由BL公司授权, 负责监管Amcal安姆可品牌商标在中国的使用状况, 并帮助BL公司在中国的Amcal奶粉总经销北京光华路五号贸易有限公司在中国地区开展Amcal 安姆可金装婴幼儿配方奶粉的市场推广和销售工作。

Beijing Guanghua5 Trading Co., LTD

Beijing Guanghua5 Trading Co., LTD. is a professional production and processing company of organic agricultural products and Everest brand Glacier mineral water and a range of their own products. The company was appointed by BL International as their representative within China to import, store, promote, sell and distribute the Amcal (安姆可)Gold infant formula. It's duties include the implementing of all requirements issued by the Chinese Authorities, as well as keeping detailed records, pertaining to all aspects of marketing. It operates with a complete scientific quality management system and with a perfect after-sales service. It has become a strategic partner of BL International in the introduction of Amcal (安姆可) Gold infant formula within China.


北京光华路五号贸易有限公司是有机农产品以及珠峰冰川矿泉水等产品的专业生产加工的公司, 也是由澳洲BL公司授权的Amcal安姆可金装婴幼儿配方奶粉在中国的总经销。 负责Amcal安姆可金装婴幼儿配方奶粉的进口,品牌备案,注册及营销等系列工作,拥有完整, 科学的质量管理体系和健全的售后服务。 是澳洲BL公司引进Amcal安姆可金装婴幼儿配方奶粉的战略伙伴。

Partnership 合作方:



Sigma pharmaceutical group:


auwin copy上海澳智祺垠实业有限公司

Shanghai Auwin Industrial Co. LTD




Beijing Guanghua5 Trading Co., LTD