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amcal-max-robinvale-logoAMCAL products are today amongst Australia’s most popular brands, due to having proved their worth, their reliability as well as their effectiveness for over 75 years.

AMCAL PHARMACIES today are spread over the whole continent of Australia and since 1930, when the company became registered have become not only one of the largest, but also Australia’s most popular chain within it’s field. AMCAL (安姆可) Gold Infant formula bears all the characteristics of top quality, safety and purity.

More and more people solve their babie’s as well as their own health problems by using AMCAL products.

Amcal是澳大利亚和全球最受欢迎的品牌之一, 提供母婴用品, 卫生保健和咨询服务已有超过75年历史,其系列产品以纯天然,安全而著称。

成立于1930年遍布全澳洲的Amcal是澳洲最大的药店之一, 也是澳大利亚最受欢迎的药店之一,Amcal及其产品在整个澳大利亚家喻户晓。 在澳洲, Amcal婴幼儿配方奶粉只在Amcal药店销售, 突显了其安全和高品质的特性。 Amcal已成为澳大利亚最好的婴幼儿用品, 保健品和药品销售商之一。 越来越多的人把健康和婴幼儿呵护问题只交给Amcal来解决。

The milk used in Amcal (安姆可) Gold Infant Formula originates from Australia’s largest milk producing area – the State of Victoria.   It has a favourable climate, as well as abundant rainfall. Victoria’s cows are grazing in healthy lush pastures, which are totally pollution free.    Victoria dominates Australia’s dairy products output, as a whole 65% of these originate from there. Victoria has therefore become aptly named as the Kingdom of Australia’s dairy industry. A very large part totalling 86% of the total of all Australia’s dairy products are being exported from Victoria. The milk used is being processed by using the most advanced dairy processing technology available, thus benefitting from Australia’s resource advantage. Therefore Amcal infant formula provides the best quality nourishment for babies.

vicAmcal (安姆可) 金牌婴幼儿配方奶粉奶源来自澳大利亚最大的产奶区——维多利亚州。维多利亚州具有得天独厚的自然条件,不但气候适宜、雨量丰富,而且草场茂盛、牧草优良,是享誉全球的优质奶源地,有“乳业王国”之称。这里不仅汇聚了全澳66%的奶牛场,生产了全澳65%的牛奶,而且澳洲86%的乳品出口货源都由维多利亚州提供。Amcal婴幼儿配方奶粉的奶源牧场远离污染, 奶牛天然放牧, 乳品加工技术世界领先。 Amcal能够常年为澳大利亚宝宝提供最优质的乳品, 就是得益于澳大利亚种种资源优势。


The Amcal infant formula is owned by Sigma, a large company, well recognized as a producer of safe, natural pharmaceutical products. The company works within a complete production chain, using the latest available technology methods. A wet blending process is being used, for the production of all AMCAL (安姆可) Gold Infant Formula which ensures that every spoonful of Amcal infant formula contains all the ingredients in correct proportions. This is also shown on the nutritional panels of each 900g can. This method ensures that the final product is easily soluble and the final mixture satisfies all the needs of a growing baby’s body.



Amcal(安姆可)Gold Infant Formula has been using top quality Australian milk as base material and the final product is packed in Australia and bears the logo “Made in Australia”. All AMCAL Gold(安姆可) Infant formula is manufactured and quality tested by government accredited testing laboratories. It starts by testing the ingredients whilst still in raw condition. This is followed, by further rigorous tests during the manufacturing stages. Upon completion, the final product is again undergoing tests, before receiving the “all clear for export” certificates. The manufacturer has complied with all the criteria required by the Australian authorities, such as HACCP and GMP.cert2

Amcal (安姆可) 金装婴幼儿配方奶粉完全使用澳洲奶源和包装材料, 澳洲当地生产罐装,由澳大利亚经过授权的厂家生产和检测,获得“澳洲制造”标志。所有Amcal (安姆可)金装婴儿奶粉的质量检测都是从原料阶段,整个生产过程到最终成品阶段全覆盖。工厂经过包括GMP (药品生产质量管理)、HACCP (危害分析和关键点控制系统)规范认证,建立了“从牧场到餐桌”一整套质量管理体系。从厂房到地面、设备、人员、卫生、空气纯化、生产和文件等均实行严格的控制,具有优越的质量和充分的安全保障.

The specifications of Amcal Gold (安姆可) infant formula conform to the country’s guidelines. The infant formula contains Omega 3 and Omega 6, as both these elements are essential in the development of an infant’s body. With its substantial content of proteins, Amcal infant formula is light, of pleasant taste and truly suitable to protect a baby’s tender digestive system.

Whey and Casein are the two main types of protein found in Amcal infant formula, as well as in human breast milk. These are designed to enhance a baby’s growth and development. In human milk, the majority form of protein (60%) is whey protein. In contrast, cow’s milk is high in casein that could cause hardening of the baby’s stools. Therefore AMCAL (安姆可) Gold Infant Formula is adjusted, to have a high whey-casein ratio (0.6:0.4).

Essential Fatty Acids cannot be produced by the body and therefore need to come from an external dietary source. Omega 3 is an important component of cell membranes and is found in abundance in brain tissues. The inclusion of Omega 3 with DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) into our Amcal Gold (安姆可) Infant Formula is important for energy and to support a baby’s brain function, as well as its growth and development. AA (Arachidonic acid) (found in Omega 6) is a fatty acid that is essential in infancy to support a baby’s visual acuity and IQ development.

Nucleotides are found in the body and are the building blocks for cell development, including immune and digestive system cells. Although present in the body, a supplement, containing nucleotides is important in a Baby Formula to add additional support to a baby’s immune system and cell development.

Lutein is a key antioxidant found in the retina to support a baby’s sensitive eyes. Lutein which concentrates in the macula is involved in relaying information to the visual cortex of the brain. In addition our Amcal Gold (安姆可) Infant formula also contains Iron for the support of growth.

Human breast milk plays a key role within a baby’s life, and delivers all of the nutrients necessary for growth and development. It provides the very best start in life for children. When circumstances dictate, that human breast milk cannot be provided, the best alternative is our Amcal Gold (安姆可) Infant Formula. It has become the best choice for babies in the whole world.healthcare_header



Amcal (安姆可) 金装婴幼儿配方奶粉按照澳洲奶粉标准配制而成,含有大量类似母乳的乳清蛋白和婴幼儿成长所必不可少的Omega3和Omega6,并以最适合婴儿的牛奶蛋白作为基础, 口味清淡, 保护宝宝稚嫩的消化系统。

乳清和酪蛋白是蛋白质的两种主要类型在婴儿配方奶粉和母乳中找到旨在增强宝宝的成长和发展。人乳中的主要蛋白质 (60%) 为乳清蛋白。相比之下,牛奶中高含量的酪蛋白可以导致宝宝便秘。因此,安姆可金装婴儿配方奶粉第一段中乳清-酪蛋白比例被调高为(0.6:0.4)。

由于身体不能自行产生必需脂肪酸,因此需要来自外部的饮食补充。欧米茄 3 是细胞膜的重要组成部分,大量存在于脑组织中。我们的婴儿配方奶中所加入欧米茄 3 与 DHA (二十二碳六烯酸) 和 ALA (α-亚麻酸)是重要的能源来源,以支持宝宝的大脑功能的成长和发展。AA (花生四烯酸) (存在于欧米茄 6) 是一种脂肪酸,在婴儿时期对视力和智商的成熟至关重要。





世界卫生组织建议,母乳喂养对宝宝最好。母乳能帮助加强宝宝的免疫系统并为宝宝的正常健康成长和发育提供支持。但是如果无法进行母乳喂养,那么高品质的Amcal (安姆可) 金装婴幼儿配方奶粉就是最佳选择。



规格: 900g














Amcal Infant Formula was developed by using only the very best ingredients. It became a household name since its launching. Amcal’s products are produced, controlled and tested constantly and are monitored during all stages of production and packaging. Amcal’s aim was to achieve a top quality product, which was devoid of any quality problems.

Amcal奶粉以纯天然,安全而著称。 为了给宝宝提供最优质的乳品,从奶源到生产技术, Amcal 都力争做到最好, 数十年来从未发生质量安全问题。

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